ACGIH®’s COVID-19 Information Resources

As the world reacts to the current environment being created by Coronavirus, ACGIH® is here to help navigate any changes or new challenges this presents to you and your professional career.

We’ve expanded access to several benefits to help you navigate through Coronavirus in your role as a safety and health professional:

  • ACGIH®’s Infectious Disease Handbook for Emergency Care Personnel, 3rd Edition is now 50% off with the code: ACGIH50
  • All Prerecorded Webinars are now also 50% off with the same code: ACGIH50
  • Next month we are offering a complimentary Webinar: Updates to the 2020 ACGIH®TLVs®and BEIs® Book. If you haven’t already obtained your copy of this year’s Book, you can order it now for delivery prior to the webinar. As a reminder, all members receive this book, complimentary with their membership, so consider membership today to access this benefit.
  • We’ve also developed a web page that aggregates Coronavirus intelligence that may be helpful when navigating changes to your current role. We will be supporting this web page in real time with updated, relevant information as it becomes available. You can access it here.

As we navigate this new terrain, ACGIH® is here with resources to support you professionally. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to reach out to ACGIH® headquarters  at

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