The vision of the Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (IEQ-GA) is to be the world’s primary source for information, guidelines and knowledge on the indoor environmental quality in buildings and places of work around the world.


The mission of IEQ-GA is to provide an acceptable indoor environmental quality (thermal environment-indoor air quality-lighting-acoustic) to occupants in buildings and places of work around the world and to make sure the knowledge from research on IEQ get to be implemented in practice.

The objective of the alliance is to get the societies to think together, work together and speak with the same voice. The alliance is formed as an interdisciplinary, international working group of societies interested in indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting and acoustic science, technology, and applications to stimulate activities that will help in a significant way to improve the actual, delivered indoor environmental quality in buildings

There exist several national and international societies dealing fully or partly with the indoor environment; but their voice is often neglected. As the indoor environmental quality is a multidisciplinary issue involving architects, engineers, health specialist, occupational health specialist etc. there is not one society, which in a significant way can make sure that all parties in the chain for providing the indoor environmental quality will do the work.