Affiliate Members

An Affiliate Member is a non-voting organization involved with issues of indoor environmental quality (including governmental agencies and trade associations) that is provided with information about the activities of IEQ-GA, and that is allowed  to participate in certain activities such as conference calls and meetings.

The IEQ-GA has the following affiliate members:

  1. The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  2. The Romanian Chamber of Energy Auditors (OAER)


If you wish to join us as an affiliate member please click here.


The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is an interdisciplinary cooperative of professionals formed in 1998 to promote the improvement of all indoor air environments in the state. The Council operates according to the principle that understanding indoor air quality requires a multi-dimensional approach. Consequently, the Council and its Board brings together diverse professionals from the medical, technical and policy arenas to work towards a common goal. Our membership includes physicians & nurses, engineers, maintenance managers, lawyers, toxicologists, insurers, industrial hygienists, respiratory therapists, educators, architects, legislators and public policy decision-makers. The mission of the Council shall be “to promote better quality of life through improved indoor environments”.
OAER is a Romanian NGO founded in 2011, counting now more than 200 members (mechanical and electrical engineers, architects) who all are energy auditors (according to EPBD). OAER objective is to create the organizational framework to promote measures, concepts and actions that lead to the support of professional interests as well as to increase and improve the activity of long-term higher education graduates and research specialists, project execution and operation, for the realization of energy efficient buildings. OAER also provides the appropriate institutional, material and social framework for the manifestation of its members, representing and protecting the interests of energy auditors for buildings. OAER (Romanian Chamber of Energy Auditors) is the developer and the copyright owner of the ENERG+ software (meant for energy consumption calculations and NZEB design,, the main organizer of RCEPB (the Romanian Conference on Energy Performance of Buildings, and of the OAER CARAVANNE-multi event initiative for the dissemination of EU legislative and technical information among local and regional authorities, and among EPB, RES and IEQ professionals.