Presidential Column

On October 16th, 2019, the organizational representatives of the Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (IEQ-GA) met in Ghent, Belgium for the first General Assembly of the alliance. Also, on that date, IEQ-GA became incorporated as an international non-profit organization under Belgian law. Finally, IEQ-GA’s member organizations approved the Articles of Association for the new IEQ-GA corporation. One of the founding member organizations, REHVA has assumed the role of Secretariat for the IEQ-GA. Another member organization, AIVC, will maintain and improve the website and logo for IEQ-GA.The founding members of IEQ-GA and their representatives are as follows:

  1. AICARR: Luca Pitera
  2. ASHRAE: William Bahnfleth
  3. AIVC: Peter Wouters
  4. AIHA: Georgi Popov
  5. REHVA: Frank Hovorka
  6. ISHRAE: Vishal Kapur
  7. ACGIH: Donald Weekes

At the General Assembly, the following individuals were elected Officers of IEQ-GA:

  • President: Donald Weekes
  • First Vice President: William Bahnfleth
  • Second Vice President: Vishal Kapur
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jaap Hogeling

All in all, it was a gratifying day for all of the member organizations and their representatives. After five years of strengthening ties between the member organizations, with incorporation, IEQ-GA now has the organizational structure to fulfill its vision, its mission and its objectives. The vision of the IEQ-GA is to be the world’s primary source for information, guidelines and knowledge on the indoor environmental quality in buildings and places of work around the world. The mission of IEQ-GA is to help provide acceptable indoor environmental quality to occupants in buildings and places of work around the world by ensuring that knowledge from research on IEQ was implemented in practice.

The objective of the alliance is to get the member organizations to think together, work together and speak with one voice on IEQ issues. The alliance is formed as an interdisciplinary, international working group of member organizations interested in indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting, acoustic science, technology, and applications. IEQ-GA intends to stimulate activities such as conferences and publications that will help in a significant way to improve the actual, delivered indoor environmental quality in buildings.

For the past five years since a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by six member organizations, IEQ-GA and its members have been working together to ‘create a common understanding’ about indoor environmental quality issues throughout the world. To support this common understanding, IEQ-GA has sponsored educational sessions at a number of professional conferences, including the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce); ASHRAE Winter and Annual conferences; and the AIVC annual conferences in 2017 and 2018. IEQ-GA also has endorsed professional conferences on indoor environmental quality throughout the world, including the US, Europe and India. In 2020, IEQ-GA will be supporting the ASHRAE/AIVC IEQ Conference in Athens, Greece in September, 2020.

As IEQ-GA moves ahead into a bright future, I invite other professional organizations to join us as full or associate member organizations. We believe that the future of IEQ starts now, and we welcome other organizations, governmental entities and trade associations to join IEQ-GA so that our outreach to those with questions about IEQ can be heard worldwide.


Donald Weekes, President of the IEQ-GA